Jason Campbell Decided to Not Play Second Fiddle to Carson Palmer

Let's just say that if a man is put into a position of having to play second fiddle, then he has the right to choose when and where.

Jason Campbell has left the Oakland Raiders and has signed with the Chicago Bears. He has decided to be the backup quarterback to someone other than Carson Palmer.

It's a man's world according to one blues singer, and Campbell made his decision. It's unfortunate that his collarbone injury thrust him into a complex situation.

The Oakland Raiders were looking good at the beginning of the season before Campbell's injury. Most fans understood the dilemma that the Oakland Raiders had. Once Palmer was brought in, the rumors started even before Campbell was fully healed.

Can you imagine the thoughts that may have come to Campbell's mind? He did his best in a challenging situation.

No doubt Campbell's experiences will drive him to outstanding performance levels. The series of events may have been a blow to his pride as quarterback with the Oakland Raiders.

Let's just say it was a part of his destiny to make the change. Commentators on Sixius XM NFL Radio have tagged Campbell as a good quarterback.

Campbell did not take the chances that Palmer takes, so he did not have such a high rate of interceptions.

Nonetheless, Raider Nation seems to like risk-takers, so now they will have to live with the fact that the Oakland Raiders need to sign a quarterback to help Palmer in case something happens to him.

Some fans think it would be dreadful for Peyton Manning to sign with the Broncos. Quite frankly, I think it would help fire up the Oakland Raiders and head coach Dennis Allen.

In many cultures and communities when the heat is turned up, often the performance is fired up and better results are the outcome.

Based on the second half performance of the Oakland Raiders during the final stages of the 2011 season, it see...

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