JaMarcus Russell: The Oakland Raiders Released Russell, so Why Can’t the Fans?

"Jawalrus Bussell was the biggest bust in NFL history."

"The problem was, he was drinking the purple drink in the huddle." 

"He could throw a party, just not a football." 

At this point, I think we've all heard every single play on words that you can possibly apply to his JaMarcus Russell's name. I even think he has beat out Jeremy Lin...in a negative manner, though. The truth of the matter is, JaMarcus Russell is no longer a Raider, and he hasn't been for over two years now. But yet his name still lingers in the comments and quotes of several writers and analysts.

The bottom line is...It's time to let it go. 

It is without question that the late great Al Davis missed the mark on this one. The Raiders aren't the first team—or the last team—to draft a player with the first pick that turned out to be a bust. But anyone who could throw a ball 60-plus yards from his knee is worthy of a second look, even if you weren't trying to look in the first place. He was a physical specimen for sure, but as we all know now, he didn't have the mentality to match his muscle.

Okay, it happened. And now it's over. Can we just focus on what is being done in a positive light?

Here is the thing: I am a firm believer in positive and negative thoughts and energy. Without getting to technical, I don't believe that it helps the organization at all when people (especially Raiders fans) keep referring to Russell, especially when he isn't even on the team anymore. All the negativity that came with Russell remains with the organization, because far too many members of the "Raider Nation" keep his spirit alive and well by constantly making references to him.

The Raiders made the right move by releasing Russell. Now it's time for the fans to do the same.

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