JaMarcus Russell in Desperate Need of New Job; Mansion Facing Foreclosure

Just how much "purple drank" and full length fur coats do you have to buy to squander over $38 million and go broke?

TMZ.com reported earlier today that Russell's $2.4 million Oakland hills mansion has fallen into foreclosure proceedings after JaMarcus failed to make close to $200,000 in past due mortgage payments on the property.

JaMarcus now has three months to pay the past due balance and all current payments to save the house from an auction date.

The home was purchased in 2007 before Russell ever even signed his contract with the Raiders. It is a 5,800-square-foot mansion with six bedrooms, six full bathrooms and two half bathrooms, a four-car garage, four fireplaces and bay views.

While I can't help but feel a little sorry for JaMarcus for having fallen on such hard times, I also find it hard to feel sorry for an athlete that threw away his own career by not taking the steps necessary to prepare himself properly to compete every Sunday.

After all, Russell did earn roughly $100,000 for each completion he threw during his short career. Or perhaps $100,000 for every pound he weighed by his eventual release date. Where did all that money go?

Russell, the first overall pick of the 2007 draft, held out until the Raiders eventually signed him to a seven-year, $61 million contract. Russell threw for 18 touchdowns and 23 interceptions while achieving a QB rating of only 65.2 for his career.

The Raiders released JaMarcus on May 6, 2010, having paid him approximately $38 million of his $61 million contract. He is considered the biggest bust in NFL Draft history.

Russell's workouts since his release with teams such as the Redskins and Dolphins have been unsuccessful. He was never known to be a player that put much effort into his preparation and physical conditioning.

Now his refusal to play for any football team that is not a part of the National Football League ma...

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