Jaguars vs. Raiders: Breaking Down Oakland’s Game Plan

The Oakland Raiders play their first home game of the season against a Jacksonville team that will be without quarterback Blaine Gabbert. The Jaguars are also coming off a loss in their season opener in which their only points came on a safety.

Sounds like it will be a pretty easy game plan for the Raiders. It should be.

Many of the same things Jacksonville struggled with in its loss to the Kansas City Chiefs are what Oakland had success with in its own loss to Indianapolis. That should make for a fairly easy blueprint to follow.

Then again, the Jaguars visited the Raiders last year and lost both Gabbert and Maurice Jones-Drew early in the game to injuries but pushed Oakland to overtime before losing.

Here’s how we draw it up:


When the Raiders have the ball

Terrelle Pryor’s performance against the Colts added an entirely new dimension to Oakland’s attack. Of course, given Pryor's athleticism and inexperience, some of it wasn't scripted. Many of Pryor’s 112 yards rushing came on scrambles away from pressure when Oakland’s pass protection broke down. The Jaguars didn’t put much pressure at all on Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith, and their defensive line was manhandled most of the game.

That allowed Smith to dink and dunk his way down the field on Kansas City’s first touchdown drive, a pattern he followed most of the game. That’s an ideal approach for Pryor, given the lack of touch demonstrated on many of his deep throws against the Colts.

The Jags play a 3-4, and their linebackers had a tough time covering the Chiefs wide receivers on quick slants or crossing patterns, so it makes sense to keep the approach simple with the passing game.

Pryor’s running will again be the biggest key.

After Pryor set a franchise record for rushing yards by a quarterback, offensive coordinator Greg O...

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