Is Derek Carr’s Week 3 Preseason Performance Cause for Concern?

Derek Carr’s Week 3 performance against the Arizona Cardinals shouldn’t cause a full-blown panic attack, but it deserves a critical eye.

On the surface, it looks like another bad game. Some critics may pass the buck onto the offensive line for not blocking well on this particular night, but there’s a poor pattern of execution in critical situations centered around the quarterback.

To some, Carr is viewed as the franchise quarterback in a premature gesture, but his decision-making, especially in the red zone, doesn’t warrant that prestigious title.

Carr’s placement of the football jumps off the film as the biggest red flag of all. The starting offense made four trips into the red zone, inside the Cardinals 20-yard line, and kicked three goals. The final trip resulted in a pick-six headed 81 yards in the opposite direction.

Oh, but it’s just one play in one bad night, right? Not exactly.

Carr hasn’t thrown a touchdown pass thus far in the preseason. Yes, he’s facing the starting defense on opposing teams, but he’s going to face those starting defenses in the regular season as well. The coaching staff would like to see successes in an effort to gauge what works and what doesn't. 

The second-year quarterback left some yards on the field. Bleacher Report’s Cian Fahey tweeted a screenshot of one particular play of many that fits the criticism:

Was a bad decision to throw made before the snap(and a bad throw). Two receivers slanting to space:

— Cian Fahey (@Cianaf) August 31, 2015 Carr decided to throw to wide receiver Kenbrell Thompkins short in the flat. He failed to notice that wide receiver Amari Cooper (No. 89 at the bottom of the screenshot) had cornerback Jerraud Powers beat on a slant. An accurate pass to Cooper could have led him into the end zone for a touch...

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