Hue Jackson: He’s Oakland’s New Head Coach, but What About His Coaching Staff?

Not much of a surprise, but the Oakland Raiders have finally named Hue Jackson as their Head Coach.

This decision definitely has it's upside, as it gives the players some level of continuity going into the future.

Continuity is something you hear a lot about when it comes to successful teams; it is also something that the Raiders have lacked the majority of this decade.

Hue Jackson has a resume that is a bit more impressive than his predecessor Tom Cable. He has been a position coach for three different positions: Running Back, Wide Receiver and Quarterback. He has been an Offensive Coordinator on both the college and professional level.

There is no doubt that Jackson has quality coaching experience, and it was only a matter of time that a team took a chance on Jackson. Let us be glad that it was our team.

There are a few uncertainties that concern me: This will be Hue Jackson's first attempt at the Head Coaching position on any level. How he responds to the the responsibility will be interesting.

He was a good Offensive Coordinator in 2010, but keep in mind that this past season was his best as a Coordinator, so one could question his consistency.

Secondly, how will Hue Jackson get his players to buy in? The Raiders most likely will be running the same scheme on both offense and defense from an X's and O's perspective. But there are a lot of players who were Tom Cable supporters, so the transition may not be as easy as some may think.

Those are some legitimate concerns, but the biggest concern is: What about Hue Jackson's coaching staff?

Offensive and defensive Coordinators are the flashy positions that many people will talk about, but there are some position coaches that may have the same significance.

It seems as if Al Saunders is the favorite to be the next Offensive Coordinator. Saunders was the Offensive consultant in Baltimore the past coupl...

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