How the Raiders Can Stick with the Broncos on Monday Night Football

Coming into the season, the Denver Broncos were Super Bowl favorites and the Oakland Raiders were favorites to get the No. 1 overall pick next April. Not much has changed in two weeks except that the Raiders beat the Jacksonville Jaguars and are no longer the favorite to land Teddy Bridgewater (although Jadeveon Clowney is still a possibility).

ESPN's Monday Night Football game appears to be a real David vs. Goliath matchup; the nigh unbeatable Peyton Manning and his posse of talented receivers against the flawed Terrelle Pryor and a ragtag group of veteran defensive castoffs. 

Bleacher Report's expert panel has the Broncos winning by an average of more than 21 points and Vegas has made the Raiders 16.5-point underdogs. No one is giving the Raiders a chance, but last I checked, this is the NFL, where the "any given Sunday" cliché still holds true—especially against division rivals. 

If the Raiders do a handful of things well, they can hang with Denver. However, even the slightest lapse might mean the difference between a close game and getting trampled by the hard-charging Broncos. 

Catching the Broncos on an off night also wouldn't hurt, but you can't count on that because they've had so few of them since early last year. Manning's teams aren't known for beating themselves, and the fact that it's a nationally televised game should keep the players completely focused.


Ride the Read-Option

The Denver Broncos have faced one mobile quarterback since John Fox took over as head coach in 2011. That quarterback was Cam Newton in 2012, and he rushed four times for seven yards, but Newton also didn't run a single read-option play.

The read-option has been and should continue to be a big part of Oakland's game plan. Pryor has done a great job executing it and the results have been very p...

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