How the Oakland Raiders Offense Can Help Terrelle Pryor vs. the Colts

With about half of the allotted salary cap in 2013, the Raiders have built a 53-man roster. It's not a particularly talented, deep or young roster, but it's a roster they had hoped would be more competitive than last year. Unfortunately, things haven't really gone according to plan for the Raiders this preseason.

Terrelle Pryor is the starting quarterback, and they are also dealing with a slew of key injuries. The Raiders have the look of a team that will have to scratch and claw just to get a few wins.  The first chance is Sunday in Indianapolis, but don't expect the Colts to show the Raiders any mercy.

If the Raiders are going to stay competitive in Pryor's second career start, he's going to need some help. The depleted offensive line, the wide receivers and running back Darren McFadden will all have to perform better than expected to give the Raiders a chance.

Pryor is still a limited quarterback, and the more he thinks he has to do, the more apt he will be to make big mistakes. The Raiders need Pryor to make big plays with his legs and not turn the ball over, and the only way that's going to happen is if other offensive players make plays.


Depend on Darren

People know better than to depend on McFadden in fantasy football, but the Raiders haven't given up on him. Everyone knows what McFadden is capable of in the right offense when he is healthy, which is why the Raiders put him on ice this preseason.

No other player is more important to the Raiders than McFadden, even though he didn't look like an impact player last year. Offensive coordinator Greg Knapp was fired because his zone-blocking scheme and McFadden proved to be a bad match.

New offensive coordinator Greg Olson brought back the downhill attack that McFadden favored when Hue Jackson was calling the plays. During his two years under Jackson, McFadden produced 130 yards from scrimma...

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