How Shelby Harris Fits with the Oakland Raiders

Shelby Harris will be an interesting player to watch in 2014. After missing the 2013 season because he was dismissed from the team, he'll have an opportunity to redeem himself with the Oakland Raiders. Had he played in 2013, he may have been drafted a lot higher. 

Reggie McKenzie is willing to take a risk in the late rounds on a player who had character issues in college. I think it's a smart move for McKenzie. These players almost went undrafted because of their mistakes. They'll get a second chance with the Raiders.


What Harris Brings to the Table

Harris played defensive tackle in college but will move to the outside. He has long arms and is athletic. His 85 tackles as a defensive tackle are impressive. He knows how to use his long arms to fight off blockers. He's good at locating the ball and chasing after. 

He's going to have to learn to use better technique, and he'll have to get quicker off the snap. It's been a year since he's played, so there isn't much recent tape on him. It will be interesting to see where he fits with the Raiders. 


Where Harris Fits

Harris may benefit from gaining a little bit of weight or putting time in the weight room. If he can get stronger and use his long arms, he could be an asset at defensive end. I see him being more effective against the run than at being a pass-rusher. However, that doesn't mean he can't be a good pass-rusher. 

Harris will be fighting for a roster spot with the Raiders. If he wants it bad enough, there will be room for him on the team. He has to prove that he can play football and keep his off-field concerns in check. 


Rookie Expectations

If Harris doesn't make the team, he could be a practice squad candidate. However, I believe he has the ability to get on the 53-man roster. He'll have to show he has something to bring at d...

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