How Oakland Raiders Can Ensure Successful Start to Terrelle Pryor’s Season

The Oakland Raiders have finally declared a winner in their quarterback battle. According to multiple reports, including the NFL itself, Terrelle Pryor will start Week 1—removing the sliver of doubt that the Raiders might go back to Matt Flynn.

Now that the starter has been determined, the Raiders will shift their focus to putting Pryor in a position to be successful. This is the job of any football coach, but it's particularly crucial for a quarterback like Pryor to be put in situations that emphasize his strengths and minimize his weaknesses.

A talent-deprived roster needs to get the most out of every player, but the quarterback position is the most vital. The team's success—relatively speaking—depends on Pryor's success, and there is a lot the team can do to ensure a solid start for the athletic quarterback.

The task of ensuring a successful start for Pryor falls upon head coach Dennis Allen, even if offensive coordinator Greg Olson will be the one calling the plays. Allen's job may be at risk if the Raiders falter, and Pryor is his lifeline, so he needs to be heavily involved in how the team goes about using him.


Go Off Script

Coaches like to script everything, but a guy like Pryor isn't yet a consistent enough passer to stay "on schedule" as they would like. Most coaches like to move the chains, take safe completions and put the offense in position to score.

The Raiders are no exception to this line of thinking, which is why they brought in Flynn in the first place. Script plays, adjust to the defense only as needed, avoid mistakes and execute better than the other team. Move the chains.

It's a chess game, and the players are the pieces—but with Flynn, the Raiders were trying to play chess with a pawn at quarterback. Pryor is no queen, but he might be Dennis Allen's dark knight. 

Pryor is a com...

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