How Derek Carr Fits with the Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders selected Derek Carr with the 36th pick in the NFL Draft. The Raiders, under General Manager Reggie McKenzie, have struggled to find a quarterback in their first two years. The Raiders have started four quarterbacks since 2012 and three of them are no longer on the roster. Matt McGloin, the only surviving of the four, will be the third quarterback on the depth chart in 2014. 

The Raiders acquired Matt Schaub this offseason, which means Carr could sit out his first year. Schaub gives the Raiders a veteran quarterback who has had success in the NFL, but he wasn't the long-term answer. If Schaub's struggles from 2013 carry over to 2014, Carr could be the starter early, but I imagine McKenzie and head coach Dennis Allen will make sure their young quarterback has enough around him to succeed. 


What Carr Brings to the Table 


Pure Passer

Carr has a big arm and the ability to make every throw needed to succeed in the NFL. In 2014, the Raiders were limited in what throws were made. Terrelle Pryor had a strong arm, but his strength was his running ability. McGloin helped improve the passing game when he was the starter, but he was limited because of his size and athletic ability. 

Carr won't be limited and will be able to make every throw on the field. He has a strong arm and a quick release. The Raiders will have a quarterback that understands the importance of getting rid of the ball early. He throws with great touch and can laser the ball into tight spaces when he needs to. 

Athletic with a Strong Pocket Presence

Carr is a pure pocket passer, but he is also athletic enough to make plays outside the pocket. More importantly, he knows how to shuffle around within the pocket to extend the play. Oakland didn't have a quarterback that could do that last year consistently. 


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