Houston Texans vs. Oakland Raiders: Full Report Card Grades for Oakland

For the second week in a row, the Oakland Raiders failed to meet their own expectations. A disappointing performance to start the season raised some concerns. But now that the team has played so poorly in consecutive games, fears are starting to arise that perhaps this really is the type of performance that should be expected from this team in 2014.

The matchup against the Houston Texans was supposed to be a winnable game, but the Raiders were never really in it. The final score of 30-14 is misleading as the Raiders didn't score until the fourth quarter, at which time they were already down 27-0. The late touchdowns provided little more than moral victories.

The most frustrating part of the loss is that it's difficult to pinpoint exactly what went wrong against Houston. Despite being outplayed for four quarters, it would help if the team could point at something and say, "That's what needs to be fixed."

It becomes a lot more difficult when the thing you're pointing at is the entire team.

No matter what area you look at on offense and on defense, Oakland was outplayed. But as bad as the Raiders played, they still have to get ready for next week. This might not be a .500 team this season, but it certainly has the talent to be better than what it's shown through the first two weeks.

Here's a position-by-position assessment of the team's performance in Week 2.

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