Goodbye Nnamdi, Hello Stanford Routt? Oakland Raiders 2011 CB Draft Prospects

Well, like most Raiders fans, I felt certain Al would find a way to sign Nnamdi Asomugha.

Judging by the recent signings in Oakland appears Mr. Davis has not only given up on signing Nnamdi, but has found his replacement.

Stanford Routt.

I'll let that sink in...

Potentially $31.5 million over three years, roughly $10 million a season, with $20 million guaranteed. WTF!

Talented, yes.

Unproven? Hell yes!

I initially hoped Oakland would shut down the draft board and use every pick on O-linemen, with possible prospects including Wisnewski, O'Dowd, Ijalana, Pouncey, etc.

Well, s#!% in one hand and hope in the other and see what happens.

Without a doubt, Oakland will draft a cornerback with their first pick (No. 48). Hopefully we land a serious prospect who can put that fear in QBs once again.

(Ed note. I'm leaving out PrinceA and PPeterson, cause they should be gone early in the first round)

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