Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 6: Why You Must Add Jason Campbell

Even if you need him to be your backup/starting quarterback, the Oakland Raiders' Jason Campbell is a solid fantasy option.

That is, if he's still available in your league.

For starters, the Raiders have the No. 2 rushing offense, with running back Darren McFadden thwarting opposing rush defenses.

And although Run DMC only account for 68 total yards last week in Houston, attempting to establish a ground game is important for the success of Jason Campbell.

As evidenced by that game plan against the Texans, Campbell threw for only 190 yards, but connected on two TD passes.

In the end, Oakland's defense stepped up big, but the Raiders' offense was effective enough against a good defense that they pulled off a huge win for owner Al Davis.

Getting back to Campbell, his rating on the year thus far is 84.3.  He's accounted for eight TDs, has thrown for an average of 223 yards per game, and has hit over 300 yards twice.

So he may not be the prototypical air it out QB and get you 30-plus points each week like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or Drew Brees, but he's effective enough to add depth as well as provide a start when needed.

Sure the Texans game may have been his worst outing, but he's not going to do that bad again this season, especially with Cleveland, Kansas City, and Denver in each of the next three games.

Only the San Diego Chargers  seem like a team that will compete with Oakland for the AFC West title, but as long as McFadden continues to pound on the ground, it's going to open up Campbell for some impressive numbers as the season progresses.

You may not want to start Jason each week, since he's more of a game manager as opposed to a gunslinger, but definitely add him for depth because he's about as good of a No. 2 QB as you can have in fantasy football.

Plus, given the proper matchup (such as weak pass defenses in Denver, M...

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