Exploring Every Team Need the Oakland Raiders Must Address in 2012 NFL Draft

The Oakland Raiders' biggest problem heading into the 2012 NFL Draft is a lack of depth. Reggie McKenzie said he believes the Raiders are an outside linebacker away from having a starter at every position, but injuries happen and players don't always perform. McKenzie is well aware that if he is still looking for starters, his team has depth issues.

The depth issues leave the Raiders in a perilous situation just one or two injuries from the NFL basement.

Perhaps no team knows better what one or two injuries can do to a season than the Raiders. In 2011, the Raiders lost Jason Campbell, which prompted the trade for Carson Palmer in the hopes of making a playoff run only to lose Darren McFadden for the season the following week. The Raiders then lost Jacoby Ford for six games and Denarius Moore for three.

Injuries were a big reason why the Raiders stumbled down the stretch, losing four of the final five games. Addressing the Raiders' lack of depth at several key positions will be one of McKenzie's primary draft goals.

Outside of depth at a few key positions, the Raiders will need to find a starting outside linebacker. The free-agent options at outside linebacker are dwindling and McKenzie might wait until after the draft before pulling the trigger on a veteran. 

Inside every general manager is a desire to always draft the best player available, but it is also his duty to put the best team on the field and a dozen defensive ends aren't going to help the team at cornerback.

Like every other GM, McKenzie will draft players based on team need unless the player sticks out like a sore thumb on the Raiders' draft board.

The question is: What are the team needs McKenzie should address in the 2012 NFL Draft?


Outside Linebacker

By McKenzie's own admission the team is a starting outside linebacker away from having all of the starters. McKenzie...

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