ESPN Helping Encourage the Texans’ Seducing Nnamdi Away from Raiders

Who will come up with the money to get or keep Nnamdi Asomugha? Does Nnamdi love the fellowship of the Raiders or the love of the money that the owner of the Texans may come up with to entice him to Texas?

Personally, I hope that Asomugha stays with the Oakland Raiders even though he will become a free agent and has some options. I like the way the man played the game and how he got along with his co-workers.

Will Al Davis come up with the money to keep Nnamdi? Will guys like Stanford Routt replace the dynamic cornerback? Wouldn't the new players benefit from the experience and leadership of Asomugha?

John Clayton of says of the Houston Texans, "They have an owner, Bob McNair, who could pay him. They have a defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips, who would know how to use him."

Some of us argue that Al Davis can pay for him, too. The Raiders defensive coordinator could make good use of him also.

Obviously, Asomugha is being courted by several teams who need him. On the other hand, can the Raiders take the chance of losing him? Many of us hope that will not happen.

One writer believes that Asomugha is just what the Texans need to get to the playoffs. I conjecture that the Raiders are improving and moving in the right direction, and some players need to stay in place for the upward trend to continue.

In most of these decisions, it's all about money. I could be wrong, but I truly believe that Asomugha should stay with the Oakland Raiders, if that is feasible and possible.

What do you think?



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