Donovan McNabb-to-Oakland Trade Rumors Show Lack of Faith in JaMarcus Russell

There have been consistent rumors about Oakland trading for Donovan McNabb with a move including Asante Samuel from the Eagles and Nnamdi Asomugha from the Raiders.  The rumor apparently comes from a source in the Eagles organization.

The Raiders are hotly rumored to be the team most interested in McNabb, as well as the team that he least wants to play for. 

There are good arguments on both sides as to whether the McNabb/Samuel for Asomugha trade would be beneficial for the Raiders, but the fact that the rumors persist must give some credence to the fact that there have been talks between the two sides at least.

The Raiders are also supposed to be assessing a trade for Sage Rosenfels.

Whatever you think about these trade rumors, the whole situation speaks volumes about what Oakland really thinks about JaMarcus Russell.

Russell appears to be weighing in right now between 271 and 290 pounds.  I will stand corrected if these rumors are wrong, but Russell seems to be between six and 25 pounds in excess of his listed weight. 

This is the new Russell that we have all waited to see.  The guy who has been under the supervision of former Raiders player Eddie Anderson during the offseason.

And the best-case scenario is that he is six pounds overweight. I know it isn’t just me that can see JaMarcus is not the guy we drafted him to be. 

The pursuit of McNabb especially tells you that even the Raiders are thinking that too—despite their consistent public defense of him.

Although the Raiders have consistently put a positive spin on the whole Russell situation, actions are speaking louder than words right now.

If you thought Russell could, in any way, get the job done going into his fourth season, why would you be willing to put up your best player as trade bait for a 33-year-old quarterback?

McNabb might com...

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