Did Terrelle Pryor Do Enough to Be the Raiders’ Starting Quarterback?

The fourth preseason game is usually the worst one for fans because the starters don't play more than a series. At best, a couple of jobs on the 53-man roster are still open going into the final preseason game, and the rest of the players are vying for a spot on the practice squad or with other teams.

So it's rare when a team goes into the last exhibition game without knowing who its starting quarterback is for Week 1. Terrelle Pryor got the start on Thursday in Seattle with the chance to earn the starting job, but did he do enough or will the Oakland Raiders go back to Matt Flynn? 

The box score would tell you Pryor struggled, going 3-of-8 for 31 yards and one interception. Reviewing the film would be a little more favorable for Pryor, but he certainly didn't make the decision easy for his coaches.

The sad reality is that neither Pryor nor Flynn have done enough to earn the starting job this preseason, but one of them has to start. Given the Raiders' issues on the offensive line, starting Pryor and seeing how he can develop makes sense. The decision was likely already made before the Raiders even took the field in Seattle. 

As crazy as it sounds, Pryor will get the starting job strictly because of his running ability, and the Raiders—like everyone—already knew he could run. Pryor's 25-yard run on 3rd-and-7 from the Seattle 45-yard line to set up a field goal on the Raiders' second drive is an example of the type of play that likely sealed the deal for Oakland's coaches. 

Pryor rushed three times for 48 yards, and the Raiders aren't going to discourage him from using his greatest asset. If the Raiders are going to be successful with Pryor at quarterback, they need him to be effective running the ball. However, running the ball will get considerably harder when defenses can scheme against Pryor, and the Raiders will have to figure out how to capitalize with running bac...

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