Derek Carr NFL Draft 2014: Scouting Report Breakdown for Oakland Raiders QB

Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State (HT: 6’2⅜”, WT: 214 lbs)

Oakland Raiders

Second Round: 36th Pick 

NFL Comparison: Jay Cutler, QB, Chicago Bears 




Overall Strengths

+ Very good arm strength; the ball jumps out of his hand

+ Charismatic leader with excellent intangibles

+ Accurate passer who can fit the ball into tight windows

+ Routinely makes big-time throws

+ Extraordinarily productive three-year starter


Overall Weaknesses

- Sloppy footwork at times, often throwing off his back foot

- Occasionally appears flustered by a muddy pocket

- Questionable anticipation

- Lacks experience in a pro-style offense



Making it Rain

While many factors such as intelligence and pocket presence contribute to successful quarterbacking in the NFL, the ability to throw the football stands out as a critical prerequisite. It is in this area, actually throwing the ball, where Carr stands above most if not all of his peers in the 2014 draft class. Simply put: If you give him a clean pocket and time to throw, he can make it rain.

He possesses a live arm, and the ball appeared to jump out of his hand when I observed firsthand at the Senior Bowl. On tape he is often seen stretching the field vertically with his arm strength, forcing defenders to be mindful of his ability to strike in an instant. His effective range may be greater than any quarterback in this class, as he is capable of pushing the ball over 60 yards downfield.

This type of pass is nearly impossible to defend. With Utah State stacking the box against the Bulldogs, Carr drops back to throw out of his own end zone. As he releases...

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