Derek Carr Grows Up in Week 2 Win over Baltimore Ravens

The Oakland Raiders didn’t know who’d start at quarterback after Derek Carr bruised his hand in the regular-season opener.

Days later, Carr took 99 percent of the snaps during practice. In a press conference, offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave said Carr's throws improved from Wednesday to Thursday, which increased his chances of retaining his starting position.

In addition to Carr’s hand injury, his underwhelming performance in a quarter and a half led to the idea of possibly starting backup quarterback Matt McGloin. Some fans wanted to see McGloin under center after a full week of practice. 

Some analysts justified the substitution with their own opinions. Carr quickly dropped from potential franchise quarterback to disappointing game manager.

Nonetheless, he worked hard at practice and delivered his best performance as a starter to date with a career high of 351 passing yards.

According to reporter Scott Bair, the fault of Carr's critical interception falls partially on the offensive line and not a terribly underthrown pass:

It’s really not important to quibble over whom to fault for a bad pass, but it’s important to note the outcome. In this particular case, Carr put an exclamation point on a thrilling game and solid performance under center:

In that one play, the supporters for McGloin faded and the confidence in Carr returned. This is just one game, but this one counts against a heavily favored formidable opponent. The outcome of this Raiders victory caused NFL analysts to see Carr and a hapless Raiders team in a different light:

The Raiders still have a few steps to climb before officially coming of age, but the team has a quarterback with the tools to lead an offense—both on and off the field.

On the surface, Carr...

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