Derek Carr Deserves Starting Nod over Matt Schaub After Preseason Performance

Preseason games don't count, but Derek Carr's dominant display against the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday night gives the Oakland Raiders a worthy excuse to jettison Matt Schaub as their starting quarterback.

In the fourth and final exhibition content, Oakland reached the end zone in all four of Carr's series. He finished his night with 143 yards and three touchdowns, completing 84 percent of his passing attempts.

Just to be clear, he wasn't showing up Richard Sherman and the Legion of Boom, although the starters made a brief cameo during the opening drive. While it's just the preseason, Carr's strong performance forces the Raiders to wonder what exactly they have to lose by playing the rookie in Week 1 over the acquired veteran.

The Raiders haven't made the postseason since their Super Bowl appearance during the 2002 season. That drought is unlikely to end regardless of who takes the starting snaps under center. Heck, they haven't even registered a winning season during that stretch.

So why not re-ignite a dejected fanbase by giving them a look ahead? The San Jose Mercury News' Tim Kawakami believes the young gunslinger should get the nod.

If Oakland had a loaded batch of receivers and a treacherous defense ready to wreak havoc, starting Schaub would be the prudent decision. After all, should we forget about his career 64.0 completion percentage, 7.63 yards per attempt and 89.9 quarterback rating after one down year?

It seems cruel, but probably. The 33-year-old endured the worst season of his career in 2013, mustering a mediocre 6.45 yards per attempt while throwing 14 interceptions through 10 games. 

At his best, Schaub benefited from an impenetrable offensive line that ignited a world-beating rushing attack. That gave the quarterback the simple duty of baiting the defense into mistakes on play-action passes. Throwing to Andre Johnson didn...

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