Dennis Allen Will Bring the 12th-Man Spirit to the Oakland Raiders in 2012

This article is inspired by the appointment of Pastor Napoleon Kaufman, the man who has been chosen as chaplain to the Oakland Raiders' franchise. He is a legendary running back and he had an experience on the football field that caused his conversion. In order to get to know Pastor Kaufman, I visited his media website to listen to his sermons.

Four sermons got my attention. One was broadcast on March 4, 2012, my pastor's birthday, and one day after my son's 40th birthday. I selected it solely because of those connections.

In the sermon, I heard Kaufman say that he had a meeting with Mr. Al Davis, and that he presented Mr. Davis with a Bible. I found that interesting. It also says that Mr. Davis indicated that no one had ever presented this type of gift to him. That was amazing and it inspired deeper study.

Today, during class a student named Demetrius said that Kaufman will bring energy to the Oakland Raiders. He also noted that the removal of Tim Tebow from the Broncos removed a type of energy away from the Broncos.

Well, believe it or not, Demetrius' comment inspired deeper study.

Next, I did research on the 12th man because, for some reason, I consider Pastor Napoleon Kaufman a 12th man on the Oakland Raiders. He can bring "energy" to the team, according to the student.

Now, when I researched the 12th man, I discovered that it originated at my alma mater, Texas A&M University. I'm from the Class of 1986.  Further, in the past there was a coach at A&M whose name was Dana X. Bible. Bible's father was a professor and reportedly often quoted scriptures.

Now, the amazing connection, in my opinion, is that Coach Bible had an experience whereby he thought that he needed an extra player in case of injuries. He asked a fan named E. King Gill, the original 12th man, to suit up in case he would need him on the field. Gill willingly did so.

Here is a quote:


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