Darrius Heyward-Bey: Oakland Raiders Can’t Afford Blunders in 2012

Nobody is perfect. However, if you have the opportunity to make $38 million dollars in an NFL career, it just seems sensible to avoid silly decisions and blunders.

Darrius Heyward-Bey is making the news. Did he do it? Is he guilty? Is he troubled? If so, can somebody please talk to him?

So many fans are looking forward to an outstanding year in 2012. Just to see the news and accusations about DHB are disappointing and disturbing.

Over and over again, great NFL players do good things, and then some of them do silly things that get repetitive news coverage. Can the good that DHB may have done overshadow the recent allegations against him?

Let this article provoke others in the Raider Nation to speak up and out against the immaturity of the grown men who make millions of dollars but get in trouble like dudes in the hood.

In their youth, I can hear some of them say, "Man, when I make the NFL or the Oakland Raiders' active roster, they ain't gonna have any trouble out of me...Wait and see!"

When the DHB types get in the media with a bad rap, young girls and boys hear about it, and the good that they might have done just might get blemished by the careless social mistakes.

In my opinion, the Oakland Raiders have been through so much leading up to 2012 that they ought to be singing A change is going to come.

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