Darren McFadden Will Anchor the Oakland Raiders in 2013 and Beyond

The Oakland Raiders will have many competitions to fill out roster spots as we approach the 2013 regular season.  From quarterback to cornerback, offensive right tackle to defensive tackle, and just about everywhere in between, the Raiders are not yet sure who will start at many positions when the season begins.

The Raiders are set in stone at one skill position on offense at least, and that position is running back, where Darren McFadden will be the unquestioned starter.  The Raiders made it clear that McFadden was the guy when they replaced Greg Knapp and his zone-blocking scheme with McFadden's preferred power-blocking scheme.

McFadden averages 5.3 yards per carry in the power scheme compared to 3.8 YPC in the zone scheme, including a career low 3.3 YPC last year.

Granted, the blocking scheme is also determined by the offensive linemen and their skill set as a unit, but ridding the franchise of Greg Knapp, again, is an endorsement of McFadden.

The question isn't whether or not McFadden will be the anchor of the offense.  The question is if it's a wise decision to have the offense revolve around McFadden.  

To some fans, McFadden is just an injury-prone player in a contract year.  To others he is among the most explosive, dynamic players in the NFL.

The truth is that McFadden is a whole lot of both.  He has never played more than 13 games in an NFL season and he is a free agent at the end of the season.  However, in his limited amount of action, he can be the most productive running back in the NFL.  In fact, he led the league in rushing yards after six weeks of the 2011 season before the seemingly inevitable injury occurred.  

Oakland's GM Reggie McKenzie is from the Green Bay Packers organization.  It is an organization that drafts well and re-signs their own free agents to build an annual Super Bowl contender. &nbs...

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