Darren McFadden Injury: Oakland Raiders Would Be Smart to Keep RB on Bench

Having Darren McFadden on your fantasy football team was a joy for six games this year. However, your fantasy team does not matter. What does matter is the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League. It’s why the Raiders have to sit the superstar running back until he is back to 100 percent healthy.

Your fantasy team is important to you and maybe some of your family and friends, but you do not pay McFadden to play for “The Cult of Tebow.” Sorry to say, but you have to be patient when waiting on McFadden’s foot to heal. 

According to ESPN’s Stephania Bell, McFadden did not practice early this week and is not at Raiders practice. 

Going further, according to Raiders coach Hue Jackson at his press conference:

"Honestly I don't know," head coach Hue Jackson said Tuesday about the possibility of McFadden playing Sunday, according to the Chronicle. "I'm going to leave that to our doctors. He is getting closer, I do know that. I know he's working his tail off. When I saw him this morning he looked good. Until we get closer later on in the week and we know exactly where he is, I don't want to speculate."

With the emergence of backup Michael Bush, the Raiders now have the ability to let McFadden rest. In Bush’s two games while McFadden was on the bench, he has rushed for 253 yards and a touchdown. 

If and when Bush is named the starter this week, Raiders fans and fantasy owners of Bush can expect another big day on the ground against the Minnesota Vikings. 

The Vikings do have one of the better rushing defenses at No. 6 in the NFL, only giving up on average 94 yards per game. However, in Bush’s two games he has started and when he took over for McFadden when he hurt his foot he has averaged 5.3 yards per carry. 

McFadden is one of the best running backs in the NFL today. He will help this ...

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