Cowboys vs. Raiders Review: Ugly Offensive Display

The Oakland Raiders finally got a taste of live contact against another team. Unfortunately, the team's performance—particularly on offense—was lacking. The Raiders didn't score, but they did hold the Cowboys to just three points.

Had the Raiders made the two field goals they missed on Monday night, it might have even been a victory. Fortunately, the outcome of the game doesn't matter. The Raiders were 0-4 in preseason in 2011 and had two games in which the team scored just three points. 

At first glance it was ugly, but as Dennis Allen said after a particularly good training-camp practice, "I think coaches are all perfectionists, so it’s never what you want. I’ve learned over the years when you walk off the practice field it’s never as good as you thought it was and never as bad as you thought it was. Kind of reserve judgment until we get a chance to watch the tape."

I'd imagine the same wisdom applies to a game. It looked ugly, but it probably wasn't as ugly as it looked. The defense obviously had to play well to limit the Cowboys to three points, and there were certainly bright spots on that side of the ball.


A Terrelle Travesty

Terrelle Pryor really needed a good performance to reward all his hard work, but he had one of the worst performances of the day.

Pryor completed 8-of-15 and 50 yards, which is equal to a 53-percent completion percentage and 6.25 yards per completion. It came against the third- and fourth-string defenses, most of whom will be looking for work in a couple weeks. Most of his completions were short, check-down completions.

During training camp, Pryor has had good days, bad days and average days. The bad days resembled Monday night's performance, but those days have been few. More frequently, Pryor will make a great throw followed by a bad throw. He's been very inconsistent, so it wouldn't be surprising t...

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