Chad Ochocinco Is Primed To Be a Raider: Name Is Now Chad Johnson

Just a quick thing here, Raider Nation.

Chad Johnson just changed his last name from Ochocinco to Johnson. Rumors are swirling that Chad will be a Raider in 2011. I named the pros and cons in an article yesterday—check it out if you haven't already.

Anyways, I think this pretty much confirms my suspicions that Johnson will be a Raider. The main obstacle was that first-round pick Darrius Heyward-Bey is No. 85 and maybe Ochocinco (formerly) wouldn't be so willing to change his last name.

Johnson has tweeted his congrats to Hue Jackson, Oakland Raiders head coach. He also said he'd play for Jackson, whatever team he coached for.

It's plausible Chad and Hue have had conversations recently in terms of getting him here to the Bay.

My thoughts on the possible move?

It's risky, but the Raiders need a veteran to teach DHB and others a thing or two. A talented group of receivers that included Heyward-Bey, Johnson, Schilens, Ford and Murphy would definitely give an offensive coordinator some leniency to mix up the offensive formations a bit.

Tell me what you think, Nation! Will Johnson be a Raider or not? Is changing his last name just a coincidence?

In other notable news, coaches removed from the team have been named:

Linebackers coach Mike Haluchak, passing coach Ted Tollner, quartebacks coach Paul Hackett, offensive line coach Jim Michalczik and assistant line coach Chris Morgan.

This cleans out a line staff that runs the poor zone scheme. Disappointing news that wide receiver coach Sanjay Lal didn't get released.

Thanks for reading guys.

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