Cable Is Gone and Hue Is Due So Where Does Loyalty Remain In Oakland?

The Oakland Raiders had once shined in the NFL because of the loyalty of its players to head coaches like Al Davis, Tom Flores, John Madden and Jon Gruden. However,  with the firing of head coach Tom Cable , who was able to turn this team around alongside Hue Jackson last season, the Oakland Raiders, well Al Davis may have shot himself in the foot.

After Tom Cables firing, punter Shane Lechler became pretty vocal, explaining that the team had worked hard as a unit and Tom Cables hard nosed attitude simply brought out the best in his players. The firing however sent out a message to the Oakland Raiders players that Al Davis himself was not loyal to the teams improvement. In fact, at the most critical point for the team, with a positive attitude and with a team that was pretty much complete, Al Davis decided it was time to fire Tom Cable.

The results of that firing has led to  the possible losses of  punter Shane Lechler. Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, who is simply the best DB in the NFL, has been quiet until this morning on ESPNs "First Talk". Although he expressed his desire to stay out of the free agency frenzy, Asomugha knows his value and has been loyal to the Raiders. Yet, the firing of Cable may haunt him and the Raiders could lose Asomugha .

There's is even word that the Oakland Raiders rival San Diego Chargers are interested in the "true" shut down corner. The Oakland Raiders play the Chargers twice and Asomugha will be a factor if the Raiders lose Asomugha.

In order for the Raiders to improve in 2011, the positions at wide receiver need to be addressed. Will Darius Heyward Bey be a Raider in 2011?

Next is the loss of the improved and experience offensive lineman Robert Gallery. Robert Gallery was once considered a bust but he has turned around  and has been vocal about the firing of Cable

At this point, punter Shane Lechler (who is still under contract but may not resig...

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