Buying and Selling the Oakland Raiders 1st-Round Draft Options

Al Davis ran the Oakland Raiders his way for decades, but when Reggie McKenzie was hired things had to change. The Raiders hadn’t been successful under Davis’ leadership in a decade—or for the better part of the salary cap era.

One thing the team has maintained to some degree is Davis’ value of secrecy. The team might be less paranoid and friendlier with the media, but the organization isn’t doing a lot of extra interviews with the national media.

The Raiders are also the only team in the AFC West that will not have cameras in their war room.

This secrecy has left the Raider Nation with a much larger pool of potential prospects to understand than the two fanbases drafting first and second overall. We don’t know what is going to happen in the draft, but the first two picks are much easier to peg than the one for the Raiders.

Since we aren’t talking about a couple guys, it seems prudent to review every player the Raiders may consider.  There are no perfect prospects, so there are reasons to buy and sell every option.

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