Browns vs. Raiders: Drawing Up a Game Plan for Oakland

The Cleveland Browns are not a very good football team, but neither are the Oakland Raiders. Even if the weather was perfect we might expect a sloppy game, but with rain and wind forecast things could get ugly fast. Coliseums’ field is 22 feet below sea level, and heavy rains often turn the playing surface into a muddy mess. The weather will likely impact the offensive and defensive game plans for both teams.

The teams might run inside more to prevent a running back slipping trying to make a cut, or they might run quick pass plays that force defensive players to plant and come forward. Defensively, the teams might be more aggressive to avoid having to plant and come forward.

You might see more Cover 2 to allow the cornerbacks to be physical at the line and still have help in the back end. 

The Raiders have had a November to forget, and the team isn’t playing poorly because they are getting physically dominated as much as they just aren’t even showing up. The owner has expressed his disappointment, the general manager has expressed his disappointment, the coaches have expressed their disappointment and nothing has changed.

There are five weeks left, and if some of these players and coaches don’t show some improvement, then heads are going to roll. So what can these players and coaches do to ensure they get a win against Cleveland?


On Defense

The Browns have an offense that features rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden, running back Trent Richardson and wide receiver Josh Gordon. Sophomore wide receiver Greg Little is opposite Gordon and veteran tight end Ben Watson rounds out the group.  

Richardson is the only guy that really scares a defense; he’s averaging just 3.6 yards per carry, but he’s also a very good receiver and leads the team in receptions. Richardson has also been much better over the...

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