Breaking Down Oakland Raiders’ Strangest Roster Mysteries

In some cases, the Oakland Raiders’ head-scratching personnel decisions should leave you asking, "Why?"

Fanbases often place blind trust in front office and coaching moves, but a few transactions and lineup choices don’t make sense from an outside perspective.

What are the Raiders' most questionable moves that should cause you to question the guys who supposedly know what they’re doing?


Rod Streater’s Inactivity

In 2013, wide receiver Rod Streater led this team in receptions (60) and receiving yards (888). In 2014, a foot injury sidelined Streater for 13 games, and he’s struggled to remain a key component of the offense since his shortened season.

Streater battled an illness in the offseason, but the reasons for his regular-season inactivity extend beyond his control.

Head coach Jack Del Rio broke his silence on Streater's situation and revealed why the wideout remains inactive, per reporter Scott Bair:

We have a good group that’s played well all year and remained healthy. I admire [Sreater] and I’ve told him this several times. It’s not easy to do what he’s doing, but I really appreciate it and respect it. He’s given us everything he has every day. He continues to work on his craft. As long as those guys are staying healthy right now, it’s tough to get him up (and active for games).

Del Rio says the four active wideouts have played well all year. That’s not exactly the case.

Andre Holmes either scores a touchdown or disappears completely at random. He’s recorded a touchdown in three games but failed to catch a pass in six contests. Holmes leaves the field empty-handed more times than not.

Holmes grades out as a below-average blocking wide receiver with a minus-1.2 rating. Quarterback Derek Carr barely looks his w...

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