Breaking Down Oakland Raiders Roster After the 2014 NFL Draft

There is no doubt the Oakland Raiders improved their roster after the 2014 NFL draft.  They added players that can come in and start on day one, as well as players that will be important pieces within the next couple of years.  The Raiders have been busy this offseason adding new players.  

The Oakland Raiders' draft philosophy is to draft the best player available, regardless of position.  It worked great this year because they were able to find some players that filled areas of need.  

It was important for the Raiders to address the following positions: quarterback, cornerback, the interior of their offensive and defensive line and their pass-rushing abilities.  That's what made this draft so good for general manager Reggie McKenzie, because he was able to address every one of those needs.  McKenzie's first three draft classes should start having a major influence on the team's performance in the 2014 season.

McKenzie also did a nice job in free agency by adding veteran players that are capable of producing immediately.  He was able to add players that have consistently produced throughout their careers without overpaying them or committing for too long.  This team is ready to win now.  Let's take a look at their roster.

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