Biggest Takeaways from Oakland Raiders’ Week 11 Loss

Here’s where the Oakland Raiders obtain intangible growth—through struggle, hard lessons and poor performances.

Logically, the hunger to improve sits in the belly of those who need it most. It’s often said that wins provide the best cover-up for inadequacies in the NFL.

The Raiders have lost three consecutive games in different fashion: one close shootout, one contest with a late-game letdown and one, most recently, poor performance from start to finish.

Now, it’s time to find answers to the inefficiencies that crept below the surface of an improved roster.

In addition to seeking solutions, Oakland must also reinvent its offensive schemes. Opposing defenses have seemingly caught on to the nuances of the Raiders’ revamped passing attack through film study over the past two months.

According to CSN Bay Area reporter Fallon Smith, a figurative black cloud followed the Raiders from the field to the locker room. Unlike recent losses, optimism faded considerably, with the exception of a few who expressed faith in the team.

After clearing emotions, it’s appropriate to ask: What have we learned from Sunday’s 18-13 loss to the Detroit Lions?

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