Al Davis: Was Raiders Owner Greater Owner Than George Steinbrenner?

Sports owners tend to stay out of the limelight. However, in this generation, there have been three major sports owners that always seemed to seek it. Al Davis and George Steinbrenner were two of them.

Al Davis was a great owner. He won 15 division championships, five AFC/AFL titles and three Super Bowls (XI, XV and XVIII). However, after the victory in Super Bowl XVII victory, their success was more like waves at the beach.

They would not reach the success of winning a Super Bowl. However, they would have back-to-back playoff runs in 1984-85, three in four years from '90-'93 and 3 consecutive from 2000-'02. In the non-postseason years after their Super Bowl victory they only had one winning season ('94), and since their Super Bowl appearance in 2002, they had their first season of at least .500 last season.

The Raiders were a roller-coaster ride throughout his tenure, but it was a fun ride while it lasted. He
lived by “Just win baby,” and the Raiders did that.

George Steinbrenner also seemed to love the spotlight, which shined much brighter in New York than in Oakland or Los Angeles.  In his 24 years as owner, from 1973-2006, Steinbrenner won 14 American League East titles, 11 American League pennants and six World Series titles.

He also loved the mic. He was quoted once saying, “Where is Reggie Jackson? We need a Mr. October or a Mr. September. Winfield is Mr. May.My big guys are not coming through. The guys who are supposed to carry the team are not carrying the team. They aren't producing. If I don't get big performances out of Winfield, Griffey and Baylor, we can't win.” (Murray Chases, NY Times)


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