Al Davis: Honoring the Original Oakland Raider Legend, Happy Belated 82nd Al!

I've heard enough from some so called Raider Fans!

They say that Oakland Raider owner Al Davis needs to hurry up and die so the Raiders can start winning. Maybe they just need to get a life so Davis can get on with running the franchise he built to our liking.

Davis has recently endured the roughest seven year stretch in the history of his franchise. But name a franchise doesn't go through tough times with losing seasons.

Davis has spoiled Raider fans with all the winning the Raiders have done over the decades. So now people say that "he's lost it" when he goes through the same things other owners go through. 

The only thing that I can say that Davis did that's unforgivable taking the Raiders out of the Bay Area to Hollywood in 1982. But even that had to be forgiven when he brought the team back to it's home in 1995.

Davis has done and continues to do for his Raiders and the NFL with his sharp as ever mind.

Turn the page to see why Davis is still on top of his game as we honor his fourth of July birthday.

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