7 Reasons to Take Oakland Raiders Seriously as a Super Bowl Contender

The Oakland Raiders are coming off of their most embarrassing performance since the season opener in Tennessee last year. They lost to division rival Kansas City Chiefs 28-0 to make much of the media jump off of their bandwagon.

The score indicates that the Raiders were thoroughly beaten by the Chiefs, but they thoroughly beat themselves. They out-gained the Chiefs 322-300 but the threw six interceptions to give the game away.

Recently acquired quarterback Carson Palmer was pressed into unprepared duty and it wasn't pretty. That has led many in and outside of Raider Nation to believe the Raiders are doomed without Jason Campbell.

But that is as far from the truth as one can get, as they should actually still be seen as a Super Bowl contender. There is so much still going well with the Raiders that's being overlooked due to the bad loss.

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