5 Things That Need to Go Right for the Oakland Raiders This Season

With the NFL’s preseason winding down and teams making difficult final roster decisions, teams turn their attention to assembling gameplans and preparing to begin playing the games the count. It should come as no surprise that a team coming off consecutive 8-8 campaigns stands on the razor’s edge between success and failure. 

A few plays a game will make the difference between 10-6 or 6-10, and attention to detail will play a big part. With that in mind, we’ve identified five key factors in defining success for the Raiders this year.

It goes without saying that keeping their critical players upright and healthy is job No. 1, so we look beyond that to focus on the other areas that will go a long way in determining whether these pirates bluster in from sea or fade into that long good night.


 An Offensive Priority

The NFL is a game of matchups and, love him or hate him, Terrelle Pryor is a mismatch waiting to happen. We saw in the Detroit Lions' preseason game that he’s got a knack for the big play. We’ve seen multiple times this summer he’s difficult to bring down and as fast as advertised. 

Is he ready to stand in the pocket and quarterback this team full time? No. Can he add a dynamic element to this offense and a change of pace to the statuesque Carson Palmer? You bet.

Pryor ran routes at Ohio State, catching two TDs in college. His work in the rushing attack is well chronicled with over 2,000 yards rushing and 17 touchdowns in his three-year stint in college. 

His 90 yards rushing against Detroit was highlighted by a 59-yard scamper followed by a 17-yard touchdown run. To be sure he throws off his back foot too often, his arm strength on out routes has been suspect, and his decision making is a work in progress. But, finding 5-10 snaps a game designed to get him in space gives defenses something to thin...

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