5 Oakland Raiders Who Will Reveal the Kind of Team They Have vs. Denver Broncos

Monday night madness starts again for the 2011 season and the Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos are up first on the menu. After finishing .500 for the first time since their Super Bowl loss in 2002, the Raiders lost some key players.

Nnamdi Asomugha, the best corner in football, has joined the so-called "dream team" in Philadelphia. Tight end Zach Miller and right guard Robert Gallery are "not losers anymore" in Seattle with Tom Cable.

So what kind of team do the Raiders have now?

If the Raiders are victorious Monday night, there will be no respect earned from the media. However, if they lose, it will be looked upon as a major step back and they will question why Cable wasn't brought back.

They will also question why the Raiders didn't put in a big bid for Miller to be back with the team. Then they will speak of how the Raiders are still dysfunctional and that's why Asomugha and Gallery left after time served.

To put it to you bluntly, the Raiders will be put back on the flea list, where they've been for years now.

They might even be put on the Andrew Luck list.

I believe the Raiders will win but it will be the perfect opening night test to see where the Raiders are.

Turn the page to see how.

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