2013 NFL Draft: Raiders’ Alternative to Trading Down

In an offseason where the Raiders have a lot to consider with their 17 unrestricted free agents and salary cap situation, they won't be able to be big players in free agency.  With that said, the Raiders only choice to make themselves better will be through the NFL draft.  

In the draft, the Raiders will have many needs to address and will need as many picks as they can get in the draft to have any shot at competing for the playoffs next year.

The Raiders should get some more compensatory picks, but even those would be no higher than the third round.  Considering it took a departing free agent as respected as Nnamdi Asomugha to get them that third round compensatory pick, the Raiders compensatory picks this year will likely be further back than the third round.

Now we get to the option of trading some picks in exchange for more picks.  

There are a lot of factors to consider when trading down in the draft.  Among those factors are the needs of other teams, because if a team is going to give up something to move up it will be because they want an available player.

Another and more important factor, is the Raiders' own needs.  The Raiders could use a pass-rusher and there will certainly be some good prospects available here.  If the Raiders stay with the third overall pick, they will certainly get an impact player on defense who can rush the quarterback.

But because the Raiders have so many needs, can one impact player be expected to make a huge difference on this team?  

If the Raiders don't trade down in exchange for more picks, they will be off the clock until the third round barring another trade taking place.

If the Raiders were to trade down to the middle of the first round, they would need to demand a second round pick in exchange to shorten the time between picks. This brings us back to the needs of oth...

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