2013 NFL Draft First-Round Trade Scenarios for the Oakland Raiders

For a team with as many needs as the Oakland Raiders, moving down in the NFL draft isn’t a bad idea. There is one problem: the Raiders will have to find a willing trade partner. Since there are no consensus top picks this year, trading down could be even more difficult than normal.

It can be challenging to move down when you have one of the top picks in the draft. The St. Louis Rams were able to acquire three first-round draft picks and one second-round draft pick for the No.2 overall pick in 2012, but that was specifically for the right to draft Robert Griffin III.

Although antiquated, the trade value chart devised by former Dallas Cowboys’ head coach Jimmy Johnson is still a good general guide for what teams can expect to get for draft picks. The Raiders’ No. 3 overall pick is worth 2200 points based on this guide.

The Raiders are going to have to get close to 2200 points back in any trade where they move down. To put this in perspective, a team drafting 10th in each round would have to give up their pick in every round to move up to No. 3 overall.

It goes without saying that a team isn’t going to mortgage an entire draft for one player. Even the Redskins didn’t give one entire draft for Griffin. There is a limit to how far the Raiders can move down because it becomes cost prohibitive for teams to move up.



It’s much more realistic for a team to give up their second-round pick for the rights to move up a few slots. If a team is going to mortgage their draft for one player then it only make sense if that player is going to make a significant impact. In short, teams move up for quarterbacks.

Since 2001, only four picks No. 3 overall or higher have been traded. Michael Vick, Eli Manning, Robert Griffin III and Trent Richardson were the players taken by the teams trading up. If there is some good news for the R...

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