2011 NFL Quarterback Gold Rush: Panic Is Spreading Across the NFL

In 2011 as many as 12 teams could be looking for a new starting QB: Bills, Bengals, Titans, Raiders, Cowboys, Redskins, Vikings, Panthers, Cardinals, 49'ers, 

Seahawks Dolphins

Possible half of these teams could also be looking for a new HC, who would want his own QB to lead his team.

With a major shortage of quality QBs available in the free agent market there will likely be a gold rush like flocking around the few available quality FA QBs, as in Michael Vick. Teams with two starting caliber QBs on the roster will be sitting on a pot of gold in trade value, as in the Eagles.

The 2011 draft looks pretty deep at the QB position and we could see 4 QBs of the board in the 1st round: Luck, Mallet, Locker, Newton.

Teams in need however will make great efforts to position themselves to land their QB, however with so many teams buying - expect trading frenzy. A team like the New England Patriots will undoubtedly get maximum value for their two first round picks.

The teams are rated according to their need for a new QB team 1 needs a new QB the most.

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