2011 NFL Draft: Why the Oakland Raiders Should Not Draft a Quarterback

Prior to the 2010 season, Al Davis made comparisons of newly acquired Jason Campbell to two-time Super Bowl champion Jim Plunkett.

"I see this young Jason Campbell as a football player like I saw Jim Plunkett. He has everything," Davis said in a radio interview on August 11, 2010.  

Raider Nation could not help but think, "We have heard that one before."

Campbell did not help Davis out much on his description of the Auburn product. The Raiders were blown out in their season opener against Tennessee and after a subpar performance the following week, Campbell was benched behind thunderous boos from the Raider Nation in McAfee Coliseum.

Six quarters.

That was all the chance Tom Cable and the Raider Nation gave Campbell in Oakland before benching him.

Kind of harsh for a guy who has had almost a different offensive coordinator every season of his collegiate and professional career. 

Campbell has the tools to be a winner and with a consistent environment and some help, he can win.

In fact, he did win in his first year with the silver and black going 7-5 as a starter. That's right. In 12 starts, he won more games than any Raider team in the previous seven seasons.

But six quarters? Seriously?

What did you expect from a team that had won a total of 29 games in seven years? The fact that he won seven games is a miracle in itself.

Yes, Campbell had help. This Raiders team was full of talent.

Yes, Darren McFadden had a breakthrough year.

Yes, Jacoby Ford had some huge plays.

Yes, the defense played well at times.

But imagine if Oakland patched up that flat tire of an offensive line.

Imagine if the Raiders landed a reliable receiver for Campbell to target every Sunday (a wide receiver has not lead the team in receiving yards since 2007).

Imagine if Campbell got more ...

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