2011 NFL Draft: Oakland Raiders NFL Draft History Since 2003 and What It Means

Going back to 2003, the Oakland Raiders seem to have more misses than hits in the NFL draft, but they had a good class in 2010. Hue Jackson is in with Tom Cable out, so now there's a new perspective in house to look over the talent for 2011.

So how will they follow up the 2010 draft in 2011?

It's difficult to say because they don't have a first-round pick in 2011, but one thing is for sure: the Raiders are hard at work to put together another good draft class to add to an improving team.

It took a good eight years for that improvement to take place because of the misfires in the draft.

Turn the page to have a look at the Raiders hits and misses since 2003 and how they affect the Raiders going forward.

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