15 Ways for the Oakland Raiders to Spice Up Their Season

The Oakland Raiders are no where near as bad as all of the media reports right now as they get healthy. But I think that there are some moves that the Raiders can make that will take the team even further in 2011.

This is a very talented and fast team with all the play making ability in the world at the skill positions on offense. But this "bully" that the Raiders are trying to build is lacking the bully type in a few positions.

The Raiders are getting healthy in the secondary so the unit isn't as bad as it looked in the preseason. A move there could help the Raider defense become a top unit in the NFL.

Some schematic additions to take advantage of some of the versatility and athleticism up front would also help. Overall, some of the moves within the team but bringing in help from outside can really spice things up a bit.

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