10 Biggest Draft Mistakes in Oakland Raiders History

The Raiders franchise has one of the best and brightest histories in all of professional football. Much of this history is largely due to a string of drafts from 1967 to 1974 that produced Gene Upshaw, Ken Stabler, Art Shell, Art Thoms, Raymond Chester, Jack Tatum, Phil Villapiano, Dave Dalby, Cliff Branch, Ray Guy and Dave Casper, among others.

Unfortunately, for every bust the Raiders have displayed in Canton, they've drafted a bust.

Most of these selections focus on the first round, where the talent is the best and where teams should expect the players to start at the very least.

The biggest draft mistakes in Oakland Raiders' history are tilted significantly toward the past 25 years. As Al Davis neared retirement age, he began making more mistakes and they just became more frequent and more damaging as time went on.

I'd be remiss not to say Davis experienced a turnaround toward the end of his life. The draft picks since the disastrous 2007 draft have added quite a few quality players to the roster.

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