Winners and Losers from LA Lakers’ Summer League Team

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a busy offseason. Dwight Howard left L.A. and elected to sign with the Houston Rockets, but general manager Mitch Kupchak brought in some quality role players to complement Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol.

Jordan Farmar, Wesley Johnson, Chris Kaman and Nick Young—the new additions—will collectively share a huge role in the outcome of the Lakers’ 2014 campaign. Robert Sacre, Steve Blake, Jordan Hill and Jodie Meeks will also need to thrive in their respective roles on the team.

Los Angeles is far from being complete, let alone a contender in the Western Conference, but it is in a position to greatly improve before the 2014 season tips off.

Los Angeles could really use some depth in the frontcourt, and grabbing a bruiser off of its summer league team for a low price would also preserve their ability to go after some big names during next summer’s free-agent market.

Some players who were expected to thrive in the summer league came out flat, while others who had less hype surrounding them came in and made great impressions.

Despite not winning the inaugural summer league tournament, the Lakers were relatively successful. They won a few games and got some good looks at the players they were interested in, but now they must make some decisions.

There wasn’t one player who carried the team, as it was a well-balanced effort in each of the games. As with everything, though, there were some winners and some losers on Los Angeles’ summer league squad when all was said and done.

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