Will Steve Nash or Dwight Howard Have Bigger Impact for L.A. Lakers?

Dwight Howard and Steve Nash came to the Lakers with high expectations in how they would help the team. 

Nash, the offensive genius, was seen as the player that could help prop up the Lakers' offense via his playmaking, shooting, and ability to run the offense. Howard, the defensive juggernaut, would raise the level of the Lakers' defense through his shot blocking, ability to hedge and recover in the pick-and-roll, and overall paint presence.

And even though both players will prove to be immensely valuable to the Lakers through the course of the season for what they bring to the table, what will be clear is that Howard will have the bigger impact for this team.

The reason is simple: Dwight Howard will not only prove to be a fantastic defensive player, but will also be a major weapon in the Lakers' offensive attack. It's this ability to impact the game on both sides of the ball that will separate Howard from his point guard.

Of course, what Howard is known for is his defense. When the opposition attacks the basket, Dwight will be the player that is supposed to make sure that the opposing player does not score: 

This is a classic example of what Howard brings to the table as a rim protector. When a perimeter player gets beat off the dribble, Howard recognizes he needs to help, slides across the lane, and them elevates to reject the shot at the rim. Plays like this not only save two points, but also reinforce the idea that challenging him at the rim is a bad idea. This helps deter shots from even being taken and that only helps the Lakers' defense further.

What you should also take away from the clip above is the initial defender that got beat off the dribble. Yes, that was Steve Nash. Not to bury Nash, but he'll have his challenges staying in front of quick point guards and it's this difference in defensive ability that already shows how Dwight can have a bigger impact. Nash, for a...

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