Will Jordan Farmar’s Injury Derail Lakers’ League-Leading Bench Squad?

The Los Angeles Lakers’ bench squad is leading the league with 47.7 points per game through Sunday. Unfortunately, Sunday was the same night Jordan Farmar pulled up lame with a hamstring injury.

On Monday, the Lakers issued the following press release:

Lakers guard Jordan Farmar, who was injured in the first quarter of last night’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers, had an ultrasound test and was examined this morning by Dr. Luga Podesta. Farmar was diagnosed with a tear of his left hamstring. It is expected that he will be out approximately four weeks.

So how much of a loss is Farmar? Writing for Forum Blue & Gold, Darius Soriano explains that it’s the overall game that matters more than the highlight reels:

One of the major keys to the Lakers’ success this season is that their bench consistently outperforms their opponents’ on a nightly basis. Farmar may not be the flashiest player on that unit and may not have the name recognition around the league as an important player, but he is the driver behind its success. A big night from Nick Young or a highlight drive and dunk from Xavier Henry may get the air time, but it is Farmar’s ability to score from all over the floor combined with an improved ability to set up his teammates for easy shots that sustain the offense when he’s on the floor. Add that to his improved (at least since his last stint with the Lakers) defense and it’s not a stretch to say the team just lost one of its best players.

Farmar's loss especially stings with Steve Blake pressed into starting duty in lieu of an injured Steve Nash. 

The closest thing to a solution comes in the shape of a shooting guard, and if there’s any silver lining here, it’s that the Lakers are fairly deep at this position. That’s not to say that any of the candidates possess true point guard attributes.

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