Why Lionel Hollins Would Thrive as Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach

Searching for the Los Angeles Lakers' next head coach is a lot like swimming in a puddle: The pool is shallow, the water hazy and you're liable to swallow some kind of gummy, bitter-tasting sludge.

For the Lakers, the coaching well is only near-depthless. They still have some options of respectable candidates who can have an immediate impact, one of whom is Lionel Hollins, the unemployed head honcho one year removed from leading the Memphis Grizzlies to the Western Conference Finals.

The link between both parties at the moment is in its early stages. Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski brings word that the Lakers plan on setting up a face-to-face meeting sometime in the near future. This comes nearly a month after Hollins himself expressed interest in the position:

No matter how long it took for the wheels to start turning, the important thing is that they're in motion, even if only slightly. The Lakers have long been in search of their next tenured coach, someone who can be more than a stopgap or placeholder. 

Hollins—especially when compared to everyone else the Lakers have shown interest in—can be that someone.


Short, Underwhelming List

Fred Hoiberg of Iowa State isn't walking through that door.

Sorry, had to.

Pilfering the college ranks of one prized sideline-meandering stud appeared like a legitimate option early on. But then John Calipari made it clear he wasn't leaving Kentucky. Kevin Ollie leveraged NBA interest into a new contract with UConn. Hoiberg was given a raise long before the Association's coaching tornado could sweep him up.

Thin on options at the collegiate level, the Lakers have focused their attentions on more established NBA honchos. 

Mike Dunleavy has already sat down with the club, per Wojnarowski. Though his resume is steeped in 16-plus seasons of head-coa...

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