Why Latest Steve Nash Trade Rumors Can Be Emphatically Dismissed

Not all that long ago, Steve Nash was a hot commodity on the trade market. Now, though, those days are all but over. 

Nash has looked like a fraction of himself to start the season, and that's probably being kind. Health concerns have already arisen just three games in, which isn't all that surprising when you remember that Nash will turn 40 later this season.

While he's still capable of brilliant moments, sustainability is a real issue. When considering his trade value, Nash's $9.3 million dollar salary that runs through the 2014-15 season has to be a major deterrent. What's he going to look like after another season of wear and tear?

Is Nash's hero status and legacy as one of the game's greatest point guards enough for a team to look past all the warning signs?


Steve Nash is another vet who may be traded this year. I've heard Toronto as a possible landing spot for Nash from multiple league sources.

— Alex Kennedy (@AlexKennedyNBA) November 4, 2013  

Maybe sentimental reasons and the need to put fannies in seats would be enough to make Toronto consider a trade for Nash, but this rumor feels outdated, as too much has changed with both teams to believe that interest still lingers. 

A New Direction

Maybe a trade for Nash would have made sense last season, at least from the perspective of former Raptors general manager Bryan Colangelo.

The trade for Rudy Gay felt like a desperation move to save his job, and bringing in Canada's most revered star to play out the end of his career would have likely served the same purpose.

That's all moot, of course, because Colangelo is no longer calling the shots in Toronto. Masai Ujiri is in charge now, and there's nothing in his background to suggest that Nash would be a desired trade target. Ujiri prefers to move declining assets on long-term contracts, not acquire t...

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